When I discovered the answer to permanent weight loss I was 147 pounds. At least that was my weight before I stopped weighing myself. That was 1981. Fast forward to 2021, I am 107 pounds. I was able to lose the unwanted weight in less than a year and have kept it off ever since even after two pregnancies.

Weight loss can be done without “dieting” or exercise. Permanent weight loss must be done without “dieting” unless your diet is a life style change that you inhabit for the rest of your life. Dieting is a temporary stint. I’ve been on many diets. I dieted for seven years and steadily gained weight during that period of my life. Now, I eat whatever I want. In fact, that is an important part of successful weight loss, eating exactly what your body craves. The goal is to fine tune your relationship with food and learn to eat as we are designed to — not for emotional reasons, not because it’s time to eat, not because someone offers food to us, not because it looks good, not because we are bored or agitated or frustrated or tired or lonely.

If we don’t have a healthy relationship with food, it takes time, re-thinking and practice to mend that relationship. After seven years of “dieting” it took me about a month to explore, experiment with and ultimately identify my true hunger. This method is a lifelong habit to be developed by one’s own internal needs. It is not something you do for a few weeks or a few months. It is for the rest of your life.  Enjoy the food you love. No more guilt, no more misery, no more deprivation. Throw away your diet books and your scale! You CAN do it.

I will help you to:

  • Identify your true stomach hunger
  • Understand the on/off switch to eating
  • Modify your eating style to meet your needs
  • Know your cravings and learn new ones
  • Reclaim your joy of eating
  • Lose the unwanted weight permanently
  • Find movement to supplement your weight loss journey

One-hour sessions are $50. We meet via FaceTime or Zoom. Once weekly recommended. Initial one-hour consultation is free.