As a certified instructor of the Face Yoga Method I have been teaching face yoga since 2018. There are as many as 89 poses designed to tone the muscles of your face and neck, smooth wrinkles, enhance circulation and breath, lift mood and reduce stress. Prior to teaching face yoga I worked in public relations, marketing, pharmacovigilance and mediation. Married since 1982, originally from San Diego, our family moved to Greenville, NC in 1991 and to Charlottesville, VA in 2000. My husband and I are the proud parents of two grown children, a son who lives with his wife and daughter in Asheville and a daughter who lives with her husband and stepson in Palmyra. We love being grandparents.


Have you ever wondered when you look in the mirror, who is that person? I did. I saw a face that was losing its vitality. At rest I was looking sad and serious, but my mood was happy and vibrant. I decided to investigate plastic surgery, injections and other ways to create symmetry and reduce facial sagging. I really didn’t want to spend the money on treatments and I was afraid I might end up looking fake, not to mention disappointed by the results after enduring a lot of pain and expense. Nevertheless, I consulted one plastic surgeon and two skin specialists, tops in their fields. They all had similar ideas on how they would treat my issues. The choice was simple: Either continue as is, letting gravity take its course or invest a whole lot of money and downtime for procedures that were temporary fixes lasting about 3-4 months just to have them done again – IF I liked the results.
That choice was not sitting well with me. Continuing my research I came upon the Face Yoga Method. This appeared to be an intriguing alternative to needles, surgery, etc. Exercising my facial muscles made so much sense to me. So I began practicing Face Yoga. And I got so much more than I expected! I felt empowered! I didn’t have to be a victim of Bell’s Palsy (which affected half of my face), nor did I have to go through the pain and expense to fight the ravages of gravity. I found that in doing the exercises I let go of the concerns I once had. And the best part is seeing the revelation and rejuvenation in others as well. You don’t have to settle for surgery or shots to improve how you look and feel. Once you learn Face Yoga the poses are
yours for life.

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