how i found face yoga

How I Found Face Yoga

Have you ever wondered when you look in the mirror how you might turn the clock back?  I did.  I saw a face that was losing its vitality.  At rest I was looking sad and serious, but inside I was still feeling happy and vibrant.  It felt bad to think that my outside was reflecting the complete opposite of my inside.   I decided to investigate plastic surgery, injections and other possible ways to create symmetry and reduce sagging in my face.  I really didn’t want to spend the money on treatments and I was afraid I might end up looking fake, not to mention disappointed by the results after enduring a lot of pain and expense…

The Science of Face Yoga

Face yoga brings increased circulation to the blood vessels that supply nutrients to create new skin cells. The poses are designed to strengthen and tone the muscles right below your skin’s surface. We have 43 facial muscles. Why would we not exercise those muscles? Exercising the rest of our bodies is good for us, brings about better circulation, tone, strength and a sense of well-being. Practicing face yoga on a daily basis brings about lasting positive change and promotes a sense of empowerment and uplifted spirit. Once you learn the poses, you can do them anywhere, anytime. They are yours for life

weight loss coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Coaching people who are wanting to lose weight and maintain their weight loss is near and dear to my heart. I have read a variety of material on this topic, tried many diets, and attended workshops throughout my life in order to learn and ultimately teach others the best way to lose weight. In 1982 I was able to lose 32 lbs and have kept it off all these years even with two pregnancies where I gained 75 lbs in total. I have no specific degree in counseling; however, I have experience losing weight without diet or exercise. I eat whatever I want. The trick is to fine tune your relationship with food….